Terms & Conditions

To buy seeds online - you need to register on the site, or Buy as a guest. So, to register click on ,, Sing "to" Buy as a guest "every time you need to fill in the contact form.

When connected it is necessary to indicate: name, surname or company name, number, VAT number, delivery address, the time at which the delivery of goods, phone number, e-mail;

To buy - should click on the item and select the desired quantity and click the -,, Add to Cart ";

Clicking on the basket you can see all the selected goods and to increase the quantity ordered or delete the item from the basket. Product prices include VAT;

The optional  delivery method: delivery Norway a Lithuanian post Office services;

The optional backlighting method of payment: the payment transfer or PayPal;

You will see the booking confirmation details required to make a payment order. Orders are executed immediately after the order confirmation;

After confirming the order you will receive e-mail. letter with complete ordering information. The letter, please keep up the order fulfillment (if you did not receive an order confirmation - call us on the phone - +47 40578218

Upon confirmation - the goods will be shipped within 5 business days;